Does It Really Work?

My husband and I enjoying sunrise at 10,000 feet at Haleakala National Park after being surprised by my period while on vacation.

Does it really work? This is a question that people often ask me when I tell them I developed a natural homeopathic remedy to help with PMS symptoms.

My simple answer. Yes.

A perfect example of knowing our product works is a personal experience from our last vacation.

We had been traveling every 6 months or so the past few years until the world shut down during the pandemic.

In April of 2021 we were watching Wheel of Fortune and someone won a trip to Barbados. My husband said we should just book a trip to Barbados. Let’s do it!

We started researching Barbados and they still had a 14 day quarantine in place so we decided we should just go back to our favorite place, Maui.

Fast forward and we are halfway through our trip. I woke up and to my dismay there was blood on our *gasp* white hotel sheets. I went to the bathroom and started freaking out a little bit. I had admittedly had a few Mai Tai’s the night before and I was rather confused.

Why am I bleeding? Why am I getting random spotting? While on vacation! In the middle of our trip! I am not prepared for this. No pads. No tampons. Ugh!

My husband chimed in and said, “Isn’t it time for your period? I think a month has definitely gone by.”

In my excitement planning for our first trip in almost 2 years I completely forgot to check my period tracker and my husband was in fact correct. I had gotten my period!

I felt like I had reverted back to my unprepared teenage years and had to call down to the front desk and ask them to bring me a few pads or tampons until I could get to the store.

Although I was disappointed that I had my period for the rest of our vacation I was excited because I had no signs that I was going to get my period. No spotting, no breast swelling, no cramps when my period arrived.

Experiences like this allow me to answer with a resounding “YES” when people ask me if My Cycle’s BFF works.

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