How to Get Rid of Cramps During Your Period

How to Get Rid of Cramps During Your Period

How to get rid of cramps during your period is a question I asked myself when I got my period and started having PMS symptoms at the age of 12. I know we talked about periods in health class but I don’t really remember discussing what is PMS or how to relieve PMS symptoms or the fact that there are even horrible symptoms when you get your period. Do they spare us from that fear so we don’t know what is coming for the majority of our lives?

A few years into menstruation I remember going to a doctor, which I rarely do since I utilize natural remedies, and I told them I have severe period cramps and I needed to know how to stop having cramps during my period as fast as possible. The answer: birth control.

I honestly don’t even remember how old I was but I do remember it was a rather young age, likely 14 or so, and I would proceed to be on birth control until my mid-twenties strictly to control my severe period cramps. Birth control definitely helped to lessen my period symptoms slightly but there were the other side effects to be concerned about as I was getting older, such as the increased risk of stroke.

Being that birth control is the only long-term medication I’ve been on my entire life I chose to stop taking it and my menstrual cramps came back with a vengeance. I would also always have a few days of bleeding even before my period so it was always hard to know when my period was even actually coming. When it did arrive I would have horrible cramps, in both my stomach and my back, headaches, bloating and not to mention the horrible PMS mood swings and anger a few days before and swollen and painful breasts for 2 entire weeks before! It’s rather unpleasant when you realize that PMS symptoms can begin up to 2 weeks before your period. I think they spared us from that detail in health class as well.

I knew I needed to figure out the best medicine for period cramps and I didn’t want to take ‘meds’. It finally clicked that I could solve this issue on my own based on my experience growing up in a homeopathic household, with a father who is a homeopathic doctor and my own experience.

I spent the next few years coming up with a combination of natural remedies that would not only help my primary issue of bad menstrual cramps but also help relieve other PMS symptoms. I made sure I polled as many women as possible as we all have different experiences and heard about symptoms I didn’t even know bothered certain women, such as restless legs.

After a few years of research, polling, formulation changes to make sure we covered as many PMS symptoms as possible, selecting an FDA registered cGMP compliant US facility and many, many other tasks at hand My Cycle’s BFF™ was finally ready.

We are so confident that our customers will love our product that we are offering a 60 day money back guarantee so you can have two full months to make sure our product helps you in the way we anticipate it will. We hope you’ll give it a try as our goal is to lessen period symptoms and make your period more of a nuisance rather than an experience that can have you down and out for days to weeks each and every month.

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