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The idea of the body possessing a natural ability to heal itself has been with us for thousands of years. Hippocrates, who is considered the Father of Medicine, taught his disciples in Greece that disease is not only suffering, but also the fight of the body to restore itself to balance.

There has been additional extensive research done over the years that coincides with this believe. Dr. Hans Selye was one individual to do extensive research in the 1930’s and presented the world with a model called “The General Adaptation Syndrome.”

A simple way to describe the Syndrome is that the body must defend itself against assaults from the environment. This can be broken into different phases being the Alarm Reaction, the Stage of Resistance, and the Stage of Exhaustion. Basically our body has the ability to send up an alarm to outside environmental pollutants and illnesses, resist those same alarming items and sometimes doesn’t have the strength to combat them and becomes exhausted and unable to stay healthy.

Dr. Gregory Ellis states, “Too little respect is directed at the effect of a lifelong accumulation of stressors that have acted upon the whole organism. They decay and rot the organism, quietly and unseen at first, sapping the individual’s strength and vitality. They are insidious and unremitting, weakening the organism’s pre-birth savings account of healing force.

We don’t all enter this world in the same state of health. This notion goes largely unexplored and unrealized. Even children of the same parents, born at different times, or even in the case of twins born at the same time, emerge into a hostile environment with significantly varying amounts of healing capital.

As a result, the effect of any particular noxious agent differs profoundly from one person to another.

Disease is far more often the result of many noxious agents acting simultaneously rather than the result of the sole action of any single entity. And, the most important factor is how the organism responds to environmental challenges.”

That leads me to the title of this blog, It’s Nice to Have Options. Many individuals in our country don’t know there are alternative options to their healthcare needs outside of the pharmaceutical industry. Most of us have been taken to the doctor since we were small children for checkups, vaccinations and a prescription for pills when an illness is ailing us.

A small subset of the population across the United States, and many people across the World, know that there are other options such as Homeopathy. We recently returned from a trip to Italy and France and the products in their windows are Homeopathic products rather than Pharmaceuticals.

Homeopathic pharmacy in Asti, Italy      Homeopathic remedies in a pharmacy window in Alba, Italy

The basic principles of Homeopathy are stated as “like cures like.” We must understand that all symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable they are, represent the body’s attempt to restore itself to health. Instead of looking at symptoms as something wrong, Homeopathic philosophy sees them as signs that the body is attempting to help itself. This is a key difference between the Homeopathic school of thought and mainstream allopathic or western medicine.

An example of a Homeopathic pharmacy in the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy

An example would be instead of trying to stop a cough with a suppressant as conventional/allopathic medicine attempts to do, Homeopathic medicine would cause a cough in a healthy person thereby helping the ill body to restore itself in a person who is coughing. Homeopathic remedies essentially enhance the body’s own ability to fight an illness or ailment by providing a remedy that would produce a similar symptom of the illness in a healthy person.

A number of European doctors imported the practice of Homeopathy to the United States in 1825. In 1938 the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, under which Homeopathic drug products are manufactured in accordance with processes described in, was written into law. Although Homeopathic drugs are not evaluated by the FDA, they are regulated by the FDA.

As more and more Americans become further interested in the health of their entire body, not just their physical body, Knockout Remedy wants to assist with sharing knowledge and information around the other options you have in self-care, including Homeopathic medicine.


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