Devyn Keenan
Cannabis is similar to a homeopathic remedy in that it is a natural plant derived from nature.

Cannabis: It’s Just a Plant (A Natural Substance)

When I was trying to simplify homeopathy and homeopathic remedies to people in the United States I wanted to bring us back to something we are all familiar with. People have been using Cannabis for years and now it has even become legal across many parts of our country. We know this plant to help people with many medical ailments, such as pain and anxiety.  And just as I mentioned earlier, it is just a plant. We take that plant and dry the leaves, process it into many different forms such as turning it into oils or gummies or leaving...

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It's Nice to Have Options - Knockout Remedy, LLC

It's Nice to Have Options

As more and more Americans become further interested in the health of their entire body, not just their physical body, Knockout Remedy wants to assist with sharing knowledge and information around the other options you have in self-care, including Homeopathic medicine.

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