Get to Know Knockout Remedy™

My father is the inspiration for Knockout Remedy™. He struggled with his weight and spent much of his childhood suffering from obesity and a number of unexplained health issues. In his late teens & early twenties he took his health into his own hands and made significant changes regarding his diet and exercise habits. He became a track & field star, even holding the PA state shot put record for decades. He played football at the University of Pittsburgh, and he almost made it to the NFL. He later became a prominent Muscle Beach bodybuilder. Dad opened one of the first Nautilus exercise centers in the country and received his Ph.D. in Physiology from Temple University School of Medicine. Things were going great; and then...

When I was just two years old, my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Being diagnosed with a brain tumor was a major shock considering he tried to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. At the time he was diagnosed in the early 80’s, traditional treatment options could be just as devastating as the brain tumor, potentially causing death or facial paralysis. Being newly married with a young daughter, he wasn’t accepting either of those options.

He began exploring other alternative treatments that eventually led him to homeopathy. Developed over 200 years ago, homeopathic medicine is widely used everywhere in the world except in the United States. My father has spent the last 30 years studying and practicing homeopathic medicine, and I grew up immersed in this world. I worked with him for a number of years after college, assisting in his practice and patient care, and have used homeopathic medicine as my primary choice of care my entire life.

As a young woman I suffered from severe menstrual cramps. The primary treatment for severe menstrual cramps are pain pills or the most widely used, birth control. After being on birth control for a number of years and becoming more and more concerned with potential long-term side effects, I decided to stop taking “the pill.” My severe menstrual cramps returned with a vengeance. As I got older I also started suffering from other associated menstrual issues throughout the month such as bloating, headaches and painful breast swelling and tenderness. I suffered for a number of years before seeking alternatives. I had an “aha” moment of being able to solve my own problem through my experience with homeopathy.

I spent two years researching the correct combination of homeopathic remedies that specifically target symptoms women suffer from throughout their monthly cycle, mainly between ovulation and menstruation. I made sure I went straight to the source & polled women to made sure I knew all of the symptoms women suffer from since we all don't have the same experience. I had no idea women get restless legs because I don't suffer from that so I wanted to make sure I captured all of the symptoms, not just mine. From this My Cycle’s BFF™ was born.

My Cycle’s BFF™, by Knockout Remedy™, was developed from the pain and suffering that I’ve experienced most of my life, coupled with the knowledge I gained working alongside my father. I’m so excited to help women and adolescents experience a less intrusive, less painful, unpleasant bodily function each month that we unfortunately will deal with for a majority of our lives.

Although My Cycle’s BFF™ has been formulated for women we will be serving all genders in the future. Knockout Remedy™ has formulated a number of homeopathic remedies that we will be adding to our catalog in the future. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients to produce safe, effective products, which are manufactured in a US based FDA registered cGMP compliant facility.

Alongside my husband, Andrew, we've created Knockout Remedy™ to provide homeopathic remedies to enhance your well-being and we look forward to sharing them with you!  

Devyn & Andrew Keenan