Homeopathy Explained

We have two primary options when we are attacked: Fight or give up. These are our bodies’ natural responses to illness and disease. Fight or give up. 

We are used to the opposite. Runny nose? Make it stop. Cough? Make it stop. Rash on your skin? Make it go away. 

Think about seasonal allergies. An allergen is infiltrating our body and our body responds with a sneeze, a runny nose, a cough, a rash, or another unpleasant symptom to expel that allergen. It’s human nature to want those responses to go away so we go to the doctor,  they give us a pill, and our ‘allergy’ goes away. We’ve been given a pill to make the allergy “better,” but what we’ve really been given is a pill to make the symptoms, not the allergy go away. Now our bodies’ ability to fight that allergy has been suppressed and our body has given up.

Most people in the United States interpret a symptom as being bad, ill or sick, but it is really your body fighting and trying to heal itself. Think about the amount of pollution and chemicals that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Do you believe that our bodies want to keep all of that inside of us? Of course not. Our body responds by expelling those chemicals and pollutants through a cough, a sneeze, a runny nose or a rash. We all have the same ‘tools’ to clean our body, but instead we think we are sick when our body uses these tools. We’ve been taught to look at these healing or built-in detox responses as bad, so instead we take a pill to make them go away.

Our current medical model tends to look at one specific problem rather than viewing the body as a whole system, operating together. If you get a virus on your computer, the entire computer stops working, not just part of it. Why would our body be any different? The problem with treating one part of the body or a specific illness with a drug, is that many times the actual underlying issue does not go away, only the symptom does. Oftentimes in treating only the symptom, other parts of the body can be damaged. You’ve seen the commercials that list all of the horrible side effects that can occur, or illnesses borne, by taking a product for a specific problem. Homeopathic remedies are natural and free from side effects.

We’ve been taught to suppress our bodies’ own ability to fight. This tends to cause a vicious circle of then taking more drugs to treat the side effects of the drugs you were taking to combat your original symptoms. Throughout all of this your body’s natural immune system is being compromised, leading to horrible diagnoses, including Cancer. 

Widely used in almost every country except the United States, homeopathic medicine has been in practice for centuries, and the primary purpose is to assist your body in healing itself. Homeopathic medicine is also referred to as homeopathy, alternative medicine, holistic medicine or natural medicine. Unlike traditional medicine, homeopathic medicine is made from natural ingredients that taken in its original form could cause the symptoms you are experiencing, but the ingredient is diluted to such small amounts that they help boost the immune system to fight the underlying cause. It gives your body the extra fight it needs to fend off illnesses and harmful outside factors, such as chemicals and pollution, and allows your body to heal itself naturally.