My Cycle's BFF™ All Natural Ingredients

 My Cycle's BFF™ is a cruelty free, all natural homeopathic remedy made in an FDA registered cGMP facility in the USA. We've combined a number of ingredients to assist with relieving [reducing the severity of] premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms.*

Inactive Ingredients: Lactose NF, Magnesium Stearate


Black Cohosh: Relieves menstrual cramps*

Latin: Cimicifuga Racemosa

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Black Cohosh Latin: Cimicifuga Racemosa - 8X,12X,20X,30X - Relieves menstrual cramps

Blue Cohosh: Relieves painful menstruation, including lower limb pain*

Latin: Caulophyllum Thalictroides

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X

English: Blue Cohosh Latin: Caulophyllum Thalictroides - 8X,12X,20X,30X - Relieves painful menstruation, including lower limb pain

Calcium Carbonate: Relieves fatigue & sleep disturbances from PMS*

Latin: Calcarea Carbonica

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

*Derived from the inner layer of the oyster shell therefore we cannot certify My Cycle's BFF™ as Vegan.

English: Calcium Carbonate Latin: Calcarea Carbonica - 8X,12X,20X,30X - Relieves fatigue & sleep disturbances from PMS

Chamomile: Relieves mood changes from PMS*

Latin: Chamomile

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English/Latin: Chamomile - 8X,12X,20X,30X - Relieves mood changes from PMS

Graphites: Relieves nausea from PMS*

Latin: Graphites

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English/Latin: Graphites - 8X,12X,20X,30X - Relieves nausea from PMS

High Cranberry: Relieves painful menstruation*

Latin: Viburnum Opulus

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: High Cranberry Latin: Viburnum Opulus 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves painful menstruation

Poke Root: Relieves breast swelling & tenderness from PMS*

Latin: Phytolacca Decandria

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Poke Root Latin: Phytolacca Decandria 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves breast swelling & tenderness from PMS

Potassium Carbonate: Relieves gastric symptoms from PMS*

Latin: Kali Carbonicum

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Potassium Carbonate Latin: Kali Carbonicum 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves gastric symptoms from PMS

Potassium Hydrate: Relieves backache from PMS*

Latin: Causticum

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Potassium Hydrate Latin: Causticum 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves backache from PMS

Sodium Chloride: Relieves headache from PMS*

Latin: Natrum Muriaticum

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Sodium Chloride Latin: Natrum Muriaticum 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves headache from PMS

Sulfur: Relieves acne from PMS*

Latin: Sulphur

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Sulfur Latin: Sulphur 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves acne from PMS

Wind Flower: Relieves irregular menstruation*

Latin: Pulsatilla Nigricans

Homeopathic Strength: 8X,12X,20X,30X 

English: Wind Flower Latin: Pulsatilla Nigricans 8X,12X,20X,30X………….Relieves irregular menstruation